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After very carefully looking at your appetite for risk, where you are in your financial plan, and determining the best asset allocation for you, our next step is to choose the investments that will best fit your plan in the most cost effective way and at transparent pricing to you.

At Investme, we use discretionary fund managers to provide proper returns at proper prices, from very experienced firms who are able to combine strategies though a range of portfolios. Our value added to you is through the care we take in understanding exactly your goals as well as your fears, and in tailoring a portfolio to meet both.

There are two forms of investment management – advisory and discretionary. Advisory means that any changes to your portfolio must be approved in advance by you, the investor. Discretionary means that you give permission for the Investment Manager to make changes to your portfolio without contacting you – all provided that the Investment Manager stays within certain agreed parameters.

Investme have appointed SMART, the investment management arm of Praemium, to manage your investments on a discretionary basis. The ability to make decisions quickly can be extremely valuable, particularly in volatile markets conditions; discretionary management removes the risk of your portfolio being adversely affected if you are unreacheable, perhaps during illness or on holiday,

The Investme Risk-Graded Portfolios are managed on Praemium’s platform, Smartfund Administration Ltd., which provides administration. Execution and custody of your portfolio, ensuring that your assets are held securely and traded and conducted efficiently. The platform’s ability to aggregate trades means that your on-going costs are much lower, not only compared to bespoke portfolios, but also to model potfolitios without this technology.

Established in 2001, Praemium is a leading provider of investment platforms, portfolio administration and execution globally, with offices in the UK, Jersey, Australia, Armenia, Hong Kong and China. Many of the worlds leading financial advisers, investment managers and financial product providers trust Praemium to manage or administer over 300,000 investor accounts covering over £60 billion funds globally.

Clients include RBS International, Price Bailey, Morgan Stanley, E*Trade, Canaccord, Credit Suisse and ANZ Bank. SMART represents the majority of money administered by Praemium,

SMART, the underlying portfolio manager has over £ 245 million under management. SMART is a key growth strategy for Praemium, a company with the size and resource to provide reassurance to any investor.

The SMART Investment Committee consists if people from a range of backgrounds, as a multi-disciplinary approach provide greater depth of understanding. Smart’s investment professionals come from both the retail and institutional parts of the industry, ensuring that clients benefit from a detailed investment analysis alongside a genuine knowledge of the needs of the investor. This unique combination of skills and experience allows Smart to deliver a proposition that is entirely focused on your needs. The Smart Investment Committee meets every month to review the progress of the portfolios and developments in the global economy, but adjusts the positioning of the portfolios at any point circumstances have changed significantly.

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