Who We Are

Forthplus Pensions is an Edinburgh based, FCA regulated, SIPP provider with products and systems developed exclusively for fully regulated, Independent Financial Advisers.

Our idea of achievement is creating a product that improves the lives of IFAs and clients alike. That is a secure, quality SIPP backed by a simple to use online system with a range of useful tools made available including calculators, guides and printable illustrations to aid in the sales process.

Our ethos is simple. We aim to provide the best quality products supported by outstanding customer service through automation with the highest standards of professionalism and to never stop growing and adapting to the market.



Why Forthplus Pensions

The Forthplus SIPP has been developed from a fresh perspective with an intimate understanding of the pension market in the UAE by a team of individuals who have been integral in it’s history and demonstrated a proven and highly successful track record.

As a result, the final product not only competes on price but is significantly more enhanced in terms of its technology, usability and adaptability, as well as giving easy access to all of the process stakeholders from the client through to the adviser.

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