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You can't get to a destination without a map! You need a plan.

You can't just go and pick stocks and funds or even try timing the market. There is a process.

  • Determine your goals. Each goal is different, is it for funding retirement? Perhaps a house or even providing for your children. Each goal is different.
  • Be realistic about risk. Risk can be a double-edged sword. Higher risk does mean higher returns, but it also means more volatility over the short term.
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Use our unique retirement calculator to see how to reach your retirement/investment goals
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Get better returns for lower costs with no redemption fees or lock in periods.

InvestMe believes in giving value for money, returns that match your risk with no lock in periods or redemption fees.

Our process is to evaluate your true risk structure using a psychometric test (standard risk profiling is fundamentally flawed).

This is followed by a GAP analysis, this will help us find your true risk structure, the required risk to achieve your goals, to set the correct expectations and to manage those expectations.

We use Exchange Traded Funds (ETF'S) as the investment vehicle for the asset allocation model. This is the most efficient and cost effective way to construct an Investment Portfolio.

We have a quarterly review with our clients, plus an annual re-profiling for risk and to ensure that we are meeting the goals. This will be done more often if there is a life changing event that requires a different risk structure and goal setting.

At Investme we do not charge commissions, nor do we receive any soft compensation from product providers. We work with a management fee structure to ensure that our goals are aligned with our clients.

There are no lock in periods, no unnecessary wrappers or insurance.


WHY Choose Us ?

  • Access to the best Fund Managers
  • Daily Access to Funds
  • Lower cost to the client
  • Discounted access to other ME GROUP companies
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers

Corporate Social Responsibility

Me Group is proud to sponsor 11 schools in India providing education for over 200 children.

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